What makes Kleos different?

Kleos is developed by Wolters Kluwer, the European leader in law practice management for over 30 years. This cloud-based practice management software is tailored to make life easier for any type and size of law firm. Kleos offers a full and unique range of features, integrating case management with time tracking, billing and reporting. Our exclusive file sharing portal and mobile apps allow you to work anywhere and collaborate in real time. Your data is protected and automatically backed up in our completely secure private cloud.

For you, right now

Kleos is designed for the modern lawyer and the way you work today, automating tedious processes and presenting a highly efficient and professional image to anyone you work for or with. Here are the six main reasons why Kleos is the choice of over 12,000 legal professionals worldwide.

Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to share

Kleos works like the software you use every day. Intuitive features include:

  • Synchronization with Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Automated template generation
  • Portal for seamless collaboration with clients and third parties

No more dropbox. Kleos makes life easy by allowing you to share files in real time and keep all information connected with a case in one safe place.

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Time to take control

How much time do you spend keeping due dates, billing and client needs under control? With a single click, Kleos gives you a detailed view of every aspect of your firm’s performance. Automatic alerts keep you on top of deadlines and pending tasks. Kleos fives you the control to provide excellent service for your clients.

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Help from the experts

Tired of broken promises and hanging on the telephone? We pride ourselves on providing the very best support for Kleos.

  • We answer 95% of calls within one minute
  • 80% of queries are resolved in one call
  • On boarding and extra training always available

No more dropbox. Kleos makes life easy by allowing you to share files in real time and keep all information connected with a case in one safe place.

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Pay only for what you need

Whether you are a company of one or a large law firm, there is a Kleos package for you. The software is also kept right up to date through regular consultation with users and continual reinvestment in improvements.

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Work anywhere

No more down time when travelling or in court. Kleos delivers the full range of management features from the cloud

Work anywhere on any device with our Apple and Android apps

Update documents in real time on-the-go

Have all the information relating to a case in the palm of your hand

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Protecting you and your data

On your premises, documents or data are vulnerable to fire, flood and other disasters. Now you no longer have to take those risks. With Kleos, everything is safely stored and automatically backed up in our highly secure private cloud.

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Cloud Filer

Taking full advantage of having your business in the cloud is about much more than getting rid of a bit of paper. Your entire document base is ready when you need it, right there in your pocket, effortlessly and securely transferable between different devices & clients.

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Support Legal

Finally, you can easily keep everything under control without giving up on effectiveness. Case and document management, Legal content creation, administration activities are now far from being complicated! And you can access and work anytime, anywhere from every device. With Kleos you can get the most out of your legal practice!


Keep all your cases under control easily: any document, email, event, due date, task, contact, time sheet, invoice, are now only a click away.

Documents and Email

Create and work quickly and easily with documents and emails. Everything is linked to your case, forever; easy to retrieve and accessible from multiple devices. Integrated with Word and Outlook.

Content Database

Do you have a WK database? Great! Now you can search and work on your cases with all the contents you need: legislation, extensive jurisprudence, advise from best legal experts, forms.

MS Office Integration

Work with the same agility you are used to, without reverting to your current tools. Continue to use Outlook and Word. Kleos will centralize everything in the cases.


Templates make things more efficient, avoid retyping content and case data. With Kleos’ editor you can create your own customized templates. If you need, you can also access the templates provided by Kleos.


Manage your timemore effectively. Customize your diary to get the daily/weekly/monthly outlook and alerts, and share it at need with your colleagues. Link everyone’s appointments to cases. Synchronize with Outlook.


Due dates, priorities, tasks: identify and manage every planned activity. Kleos tracks everything and alerts you with reminders for your tasks.


Organize and maintain your contacts database, including their data and information as well as their roles and connections to any specific case.


Adapt your Kleos to your need, the inbuilt systems are as flexible as you need them to be.

Secure File Sharing

Discover Kleos Connect, the secure and innovative document sharing functionality of Kleos. Share all your documents in total security and keep document trails and comment threads under control directly from Kleos.


Help lawyers to track their activities and register their time. Linked to cases and invoicing.


Kleos is the safest and securest environment for your data, continuously monitored 24/7 and always available. Your firm and clients’ data are protected and isolated. We daily audit security, certified by Norton Symantec and McAfee..


Access and update cases, contacts, diary tasks and time sheets from any device. Open, modify, save and add any document. With real time access to any data entered or modified on a mobile device, always available in the office and vice versa.


Do you want to know about the performance of your firm? Use reporting features to analyze time, activities, and billing for yourself and everyone in the firm.

Billing and invoicing

Keep all the invoices for your cases under control and create better proposals. You can generate invoices based on time sheets or fixed fees. The advanced version supports you with extended configuration options, batch and split billing, multi-case invoices, etc.