How hCue's Clinic Management System make your operations easy?

Streamline Clinical Workflows

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hCue’s Clinic Management Software boosts your clinics efficiency by helping you manage critical clinical workflows & operations at ease.

Fully Integrated Clinic Management Software Suite

Our Clinic Management System suite consists of Online Appointment Management, Practice Management & Pharmacy Management, all seamlessly integrated to work both online and offline.

Connect with your patients effortlessly

Patients can connect effortlessly to your clinics through our Doctor Appointment family app which integrates seamlessly with our EMR Software / EHR Software.

Clinic Management System designed for Doctors by Doctors

Clinic Management System that works for you

hCue’s Clinic Management System is one of a kind, it works to make Doctor’s life easier instead of the other way round!

Secure Clinic Management Software

Our HIPAA Compliant Clinic Management Software helps you manage Online Doctor Appointments, capture critical patient data, connect with Pharmacies, Hospitals & Labs all at a single click.

Medical Records Management

Using our advanced templates which uses Machine Learning & AI, you can capture, medical records of patients in less than 60 seconds. Interact more with your patients & less with the computer!

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Patient Management System for Doctors through hCue Lite

  • Get a stunning online profile to build your online brand
  • Helps patients to find a Doctor near them through a click
  • Patients can book an Online Appointment with you in an instant
  • Earn more by providing online Doctor Consultation (Coming soon!)
  • Integrated with hCue Payments to receive upfront fees for your appointments

Turbocharge your Pharmacy using hCue’s Pharmacy Software

Make your Pharmacy into a super Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy Software helps you get leads from Doctors in your neighborhood & leads from new patients.

AI Driven Medical Store Software

Our AI driven Medical Store Software helps you in keeping inventory levels lower there by reducing working capital requirements.

Seamless & Easy to Use

hCue’s Cloud based Medical Shop Software seamlessly works when Internet is down & automatically syncs when Internet comes back online.

India’s 1st Complete
Healthcare Management App

Download the hCue Family App & track the health of your loved ones on the go.
  • Find Doctors near you easily through our Doctor Appointment App
  • Get Online Doctor Appointment & Doctor Consultation (Coming Soon!)
  • Securely store the medical records of your family and yourself
  • Set alarms for medications, vaccinations and appointments
  • Integrate your wallets and pay online to Pharmacists & Doctors